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We wanted to create a central spot for the community to gather!! It has been such a huge part of our running journey to meet new people, share experiences, learn from each other, do events, and give back.

  • We don’t care if you run a 5-min mile or walk a 15-min pace, a mile is still a mile!! If you run, you are a runner no matter the distance or speed. Each journey is unique and so are we!
  • The storefront has all the elements to support the whole runner: Mind, Body & Road.
  • The Running Elements started as a group of runners and walkers that would meet around Volusia to stay active. Then we added social gatherings to up the fun! Next we threw in some educational workshops to cover the topics we all wanted to know more about. From there, it took off! Our retail storefront opened in the Pavilion at Port Orange in November 2016. The calendar is growing and so is our community!
  • The Running Elements team is at the store 7 days a week! We can also be found at many local event’s start/finish lines. We make sure to bring the energy and high-fives where ever we go!

Juan & Katrina Guevara


Juan is a Nuclear Engineer by day & Runner by all the other hours of the day. He enjoys long runs on the beach and talking to strangers during running events. Juan is known for remembering people in the community based on the shoes they walk up in.

Katrina prefers to ‘run’ events over running in events. Although she has finished a couple marathons and many races, she is never in a hurry to get to the finish line. On race day, you can usually see her holding a funny sign and giving high fives to everyone going by.

Get in Touch

Our Team

Events Manager

Jill is the events guru! Her next-level organization skills are all do to her years of service to our community and event planning. Jill has a way of pulling off the impossible and making it look effortless.

Retail Associate

Ryan works at TRE…a lot. When he isn’t running the retail side of TRE, he can be found assisting a local high school team of runners.

Community Organizer

Jenny is an accomplished runner and coach of a local high school’s girls’ cross country team. She is our resident distance runner with many marathons and ultras under her belt. Jenny is our go-to Team Member for helping organize the workshops, weekly meet-ups, and community partnerships.

Retail Associate

Brayden is a Cuda Alum runner who loves being active and chewing through running shoes. He’s very interested in learning and growing the running community outside of high school. When Brayden isn’t at the beach or playing racquetball with his friends, he’s working at TRE helping customers get the best experience possible.

Retail Associate

Payne is a local high school student breaking records in the 800m and 5k. Payne trains hard and likes that his after-school job is helping others find the right shoes and gear to enjoy the sport too. He has a bright running future ahead of him!


Past Retail Associate

Gabby a local high school student who uses her speed and skills on the soccer field. For her, running is part of her conditioning. She enjoys talking with customers of all ages and ability levels. She has big goals for her future! She is no longer employed by the store, but we love her still the same. Excited for her to pursue her goals!!

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